Smashwords Edition Activities for the Elderly, Volume 2: Working with

A collection of 86 practical activities for residents who are very impaired because of dementia or other severe disabilities. Just as with Activities Elderly, Volume 1, this book provides therapist instructions and helpful hints,


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Under Armour Vanish Woven 2 in 1 Shorts AW22 Black mens Medium

Under Armour Vanish Woven 2 in 1 Shorts If it says in the name, that means it's one of Armour's fastest drying materials. These are ultralight, durable, breathable and super to keep you cool. Constructed using lightweight, woven fabric, 2 in 1 from is built for most intense workouts. A in knit compression short offers relentless coverage support while perforated panels feature on outer shorts added ventilation. works to wick sweat as it is produced


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Salomon Cross 2 in 1 Shorts AW22 Navy Blue mens Medium

Salomon Cross 2 in 1 Shorts Feel great on the trail, at gym, or during any high output activity with 2 in 1 Shorts. The stretchy inner boxer brings more comfort and coverage. outer is made from quick drying recycled polyester. While features like zipped pocket hook keep them versatile. Utilising a combination of breathable fabrics, shorts will you cool throughout your training. Featuring ultra light AdvancedSkin ActiveDry fabric, 2 in 1 have exceptional


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Under Armour Impasse Flow 1 2 Zip Women's Top White womens X Small

Under Armour Impasse Flow 1 2 Zip Women's Top The 1 2 is the ideal long sleeve top for use as a second layer over a T Shirt on chilly spring mornings or breezy autumn days. This protects you from wind without adding any extra weight to your run. stretchy material is very lightweight and moves to give full freedom of movement. elastic cuffs help to keep half zip on front allows to control ventilation levels to suit you.


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The North Face Active Trail Dual 2IN1 Shorts SS21 Black mens Small

The North Face Active Trail Dual Shorts Versatility is the name of game for Shorts. They're designed trail, but they wouldn't look out of place in gym or on neighbourhood runs, either. outer shorts are made from durable ripstop polyester while inner compression liner features quick drying FlashDry XD technology to rapidly wick away sweat. Sweat is moved skin onto layer where it can be evaporated, leaving you feeling cool, and light on your feet.


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ABS Kit de plaquettes de frein, à disque 36631

Épaisseur I [mm]: 17.0 Hauteur I 66.6 Largeur 1 104.2 Ind. De longueur: 460 Niveau : Avant Garantie: 2 ans L&:39:assemblée; : avant Capacité : Jeu (4 plaquettes de frein par essieu) Indicateur dusure : avec palpeur intégré 1 : 1 (mm) : 1 : 17 Système de freinage : LUCAS TRW Longeur de contacts davertissment : 440 : Nombre dindicateurs [par essieu] : 2 Poids [kg] : 1.26


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Textar Jeu de plaquettes de frein 2083302

Capacité : Jeu (4 plaquettes de frein par essieu) Garantie: 2 ans Largeur [mm] : 104.4 Hauteur : 66.7 Épaisseur : 17.1 Indicateur dusure : Avec avertisseur d&:39:usure; acoustique Article complémentaire Info 2 : vis d&:39:étrier; de numéro WVA : 20833 Longueur de lemballage [cm] : 12.5 de : 8.1 de : 8


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Ferodo Disque de frein PREMIER Coat disc DDF1293C 1 DDF1293C1

Garantie: 2 ans Hauteur [mm] : 66.9 Poids [kg] : 6.86 Type de disque de frein : ventilé Épaisseur du de (mm) : 24 minimale : 22 Diamètre extérieur : 298 Nombre de trous : 5 : 98 Couple de serrage [Nm] : 130 Surface : revêtu Unité quantitative : Pièce Article complémentaire Info 2 : Sans vis Longueur de lemballage [cm] : 30 Largeur de : 30 de : 6.3


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TRW Kit de plaquettes de frein, à disque GDB464

checkmark: E1 90R 01024 257 hauteur (mm): 57.3 longueur 116.5 épaisseur (en 19.5 Garantie: 2 ans Capacité : Jeu (4 plaquettes de frein par essieu) L&:39:assemblée; : avant Système de freinage : TRW Largeur [mm] : 104.0 Hauteur : 66.4 Épaisseur : 17.0 Indicateur dusure : contact de signal inclu Nombre dindicateurs [par essieu] : 2 Longeur de contacts davertissment : 85 Article complémentaire Info : avec accessoires 2 : Avec vis d&:39:étrier;


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Dove Japan Beauty Cream White Bar Soap 95g x 2 pcs 2

Brand from Japan: Dove Japan. Washes while protecting the moisture of skin, leaving it soft smooth. A solid cleanser containing 1 4 of moisturizing ingredient cream in product. Contains friendly cleansing ingredients. How to use: Put it into water it immediately. Or directly on wet skin. Drain thoroughly after use.


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